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BISS ACAMIS Model United Nations 2010

The first BISS ACAMIS Model United Nations will be hosted at BISS Pudong on Saturday, 27 February 2010.

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Speech Writing Guide

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1 Speech Writing Guide on Tue Jan 26, 2010 6:58 am


Speeches: A Writer’s Guide

What is the purpose of a speech?
Speeches are an expression of the policies of your nation. They indicate to the other delegations the degree to
which you are willing to compromise in an effort to resolve the issue or topic under study.

How long should speeches be?
In any Model UN activity, time limits are put on speeches, generally in the range from three to five minutes.

How should speeches be delivered?
Speeches are most effective if they are read in a firm, knowledgeable tone. Speeches are received best when they
are not read verbatim. Seemingly spontaneous speeches carry great impact even though they have been
practiced to the point of near memorization. A discreet use of cards to carry notes or cues for the address can
effectively substitute for the sheaf of papers behind which some delegates hide from their audiences.
Speeches should be prepared in advance and should be informative and concise. These are more likely to be
noticed, remembered and have the effect you want. Ill-prepared speeches defeat the purposes of both the
delegation and the activity as a whole. Avoid digresson from the topic or issue being discussed.
Some sdvice:
• Do not be fooled into thinking that using big words makes you sound more intelligent. Ensure you
understand what you are saying fully, as it is completely possible that people will ask you to explain

• Equally however, do not lapse into colloquial language, euphemisms or slang phrases. MUN is formal you
are expected to take it seriously, hence you should use appropriate language.

• Simple statements are the most effective. Your audience will find it easier to digest new information if is it
easy to access; not buried under lengthy sentences and a complicated vocabulary!

• Do not elaborate unnecessarily, or expand on a point that is not relevant to your subject. Fully cover and
explain each of your points before moving on to another, thus ensuring your speech has structure.

• Keep in mind time constraints- 300 words is approximately one minute.

• A good speech is based not only on what you say but also on how you say it! You are trying to
persuade others! To be successful, you must speak to their feelings as well as their logic. Once you sit
down, there will be many other speakers. How will you be remembered?

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