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Decrminalising certain types of drugs in brazil

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The Federative Republic of Brazil believes that to fight the illegal drug trade we must legalize certain classes of drugs so that we can concentrate the fight against harder, more harmful drugs. The Ministry of Justice believes that we should legalize certain drugs because there are too any drug offenders behind bars.There are approximately 70 thousand people incarcerated in Brazil for drug trafficking.

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2 i disagree with you on Tue Jan 26, 2010 4:09 pm

i disagree with the delegate of brazil as then legalizing drugs will help the drug traders and make them do more bad things

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i agree with the delagate of Somalia

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4 It won't help the drug traffickers on Tue Jan 26, 2010 4:13 pm

delegate of somalia,
it won't help the drug traffickers because the users will buy it legally thus no crime. the drug traffickers won't make money because no one buys from them so the drug trafficking will become the thing of the past

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Then those illegal users should be caught and put in jail.
the punishment should be more so that people stop

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6 The Delegate of USA on Wed Jan 27, 2010 1:14 pm

The delegate of the United States of America, agrees with the delegate of Brazil. With the legalization of certain drugs, the international drug trade will be narrowed down, and as the people will have access to these particular drugs, supposing that they're not overly harmful to the society's efficientcy, and if we follow Holland's example, we may have the same result, where certain drugs are legal and not the biggest threat to society, while other drugs, such as cocaine, will remain banned as it is more addictive and harmful towards the society's efficientcy.

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As the delegate of Pakistan i agree with the delegates from Pakistan and the US, that selective drugs should be legalized, following the example of Holland, and also Portugal. Although it was more effective in Holland, it also worked in Portugal. In Pakistan we also have an increasingly large drug problem, as we are located next to Afghanistan, who is a major drug producer.

If you take the Opium poppy as an example, our government had almost reduced it to zero at around 1999-2000, but after the Taliban prohibited Opium cultivation in Afghanistan the prices rose, enabling the old opium farmers to go back to farming it (2003, 6703 hectares). Finally we have regulated the opium consumption to 2306 hectares in 2006.

That is only one example of drugs. Cannabis is also an issue here, although it has a lower priority, cannabis is widely grown and consumed at fairly low prices, as we havnt looked into that problem much yet. This is similar to legalization, and the number of cannabis related crimes compared to other drug related crimes are low, showing that it should work in our country if we legalized Cannabis too. Although in 2007 we confiscated 101,069 kg of Cannabis, we confiscated 115,443 kg of Cannabis in 2006, showing a decrease in Cannabis use.

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The delegate of South africa disagrees with the delegate of Brazil, who stated that certain drugs should be legalized. The legalization of marijuana will not stop the origin of the problem of substance abuse and once you legalize less harmful drugs like marijuana, it is only a matter of time, since the target of legalization will be harder drugs like heroin and cocaine.

This calls upon another issue, the decriminalization of marijuana might result in a higher value of cocaine, which wouldn't eliminate drug trade. Cocaine is the most popular drug and the only solution to truly eliminating drug trade would be by decriminalizing these drugs, but do we really want cocaine to fall in the hands of our youth!

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9 Let's form a Bloc on Tue Feb 23, 2010 4:25 pm

Dear the delegate of pakistan,
would you like to join our bloc which includes Brazil and U.S.A

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