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stop child labour

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1 stop child labour on Tue Jan 26, 2010 4:01 pm

I think children under the age of 16 must not do any labourios or tiring jobs

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2 I agree with you on Tue Jan 26, 2010 4:12 pm

I agree with you but i think it is better to not let children do work till 15

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3 i agree with the delegate of somalia on Tue Jan 26, 2010 4:15 pm

i agree with the delegate of somalia

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4 Re: stop child labour on Tue Feb 02, 2010 4:00 pm

The use of child labours is obviously immoral and sinful.

BUT what about for the families, which don't have enough money to feed their children? How can they survive without their children working? What are the solutions?

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5 Re: stop child labour on Fri Feb 05, 2010 12:20 am

I agree with the delegate of Afghanistan.
This brings me to the next point, can we disagree with the topic? For example, I don't think that trade sanctions should be imposed on countries found using child labor, so is it okay if I come up with other solutions?

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6 Re: stop child labour on Fri Feb 05, 2010 3:52 pm

Yes you can. If you disagree with a resolution, you can propose amendments to it on the day of the conference OR you could write a resolution of your own. Smile

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7 RE: stop child labor on Sat Feb 06, 2010 11:21 am

I also agree with the delegate from Afghanistan. South Africa, especially after the 1994 apartheid, wants to prosper, especially through social conflicts. We are developing quite fast, but we rely on child labor to develop products. It's our current way of survival. However, we want to abolish this and hence our government already released the draft of the Child Labour Programme of Action for our country. We are striving to take action and this is also shown through our 1997 constitution's bill of rights, which includes extensive assurances. Despite this, we also need additional help from other countries, such as Japan and the USA. If we suddenly abolish child labor, our country will then experience a major economy disadvantage.

Unemployment remains high and one of the only ways that families can earn money is through their child. Child labor on farms has been banned over ten years ago, but this only put more burden onto the families and pressured them into finding additional sources of money. This also caused additional problems such as using drugs and alcohol as a way out. We are the world's largest producer of gold, platinum, and chromium. We are only a middle-income country and we don't have advanced technology in order to extract our natural resources, and therefore we turn to the means of labor.

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8 Re: stop child labour on Mon Feb 08, 2010 8:33 pm

Yes, delegate of South Africa, you are right. Many developing nations in the world such as Afghanistan, Bangladesh, and much more rely on child labor to raise their unemployment rate, but more importantly, many families within these nations reply on their children to keep all of them alive. You guys are having a great discussion, couple delegates brought up some good questions- keep it up.
But I would like all of you to keep in mind that one of the main reasons why child labor still exists until today, is because poverty exists. So in order to eliminate child labor, we have to overcome poverty first. South Africa is right, we can't eliminate child labor in one day, one month, or even one year. It is going to take years before both child labor and poverty diminish.

Also, a remainder to all of you guys, if you have any resolutions, or even some clauses- put it on the forum, so you guys can start merging. Good luck!

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9 Topic Summaries! on Mon Feb 15, 2010 1:16 am

Sorry guys- this is a little late, but I've been really busy. So here it is. I wrote two summaries, one for each of the topics.

Trade sanctions against countries found using child labor in manufacturing industries

Child labor has been around ever since the start of history; it almost always exists in developing nations such as Indonesia, Bangladesh, Myanmar, China and other African countries. One of the biggest reasons for child labor can be summed up with one word, poverty. As long as we overcome poverty, we will be able to eradicate child labor in third world countries. But overcoming poverty cannot be done in a short period of time; it requires an extensive and complicated process to fully get rid of poverty in the world. So how do we curb the exploitation of child labor in manufacturing industries as of right now? To several first world countries, such as the United States, they have decided to use trade sanctions through the World Trade Organization (WTO) on countries that uses child labor in factories. On the other hand, countries such as India disagree; they believe that labor issues have no connection with WTO in any way. But WTO does have the rights to view each nation’s domestic laws, which includes each country’s labor laws, since it is their job for all nations to have same advantages and to trade fairly. Another organization that tracks child labor within each nation is International Labor Organization (ILO). Although ILO has organized ethical campaigns to aware the world of labor issues such as child labor, the curbing of this inhumane act is still not anywhere close to being fully eradicated.

Improving Women's Rights

Women’s rights have been violated around the globe ever since history began. Although there have been both major and minor actions taken to improve women’s rights in the past- nothing seems to be able to eliminate the discrimination against women. Two of the major organizations within United Nations are United Nations Development Fund for Women and Women Watch (UNIFEM). According to UNIFEM women all over the world have been discriminated in all sorts of aspects in life. There have been numbers which proves that women are more likely to be in poverty then men, therefore countless women in the world are deprived of a decent job. More importantly, these women have been stripped from their dignity. Over the course of history, many women and girls were taken advantage by men. Therefore different forms of violence have been taken upon innocent women and girls every year. With thousands of girls and women raped by men, around 15 million females around the world have been tested HIV-positive. This number is still increasing each and everyday. Both UNIFEM and Women Watch are doing their best to protect and fight for women’s rights. The Convention of the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women is an agreement that was written in 1979, and so far 185 UN member nations have ratified. This proves that the world does see the discrimination of women as an issue that needs to be solved. But each nation needs to put forth more effort to achieve gender equality, as this will be one of the most important aspects to achieve world peace and to overcome poverty.

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10 Last minute reminders! on Thu Feb 25, 2010 8:27 pm

Guys! I would like to remind all of you to write an opening speech for Saturday! Good luck. & I can't wait to meet all of you guys.

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11 Re: stop child labour on Thu Feb 25, 2010 9:37 pm

Hi HRChair, it has been decided that opening speeches are no longer required and that that portion of the schedule will be used for debate.

However, if you want your delegates to have opening speeches that's fine as well Smile

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12 Sorry! on Thu Feb 25, 2010 10:15 pm

Sorry guys, I didn't know that we are not doing opening speeches anymore. & I think it's a good idea we're not. Seeing as it is only a one day conference, and there are about 3 resolutions that need to be debated, we will not do opening speeches.

Sorry for any confusion.

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