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BISS ACAMIS Model United Nations 2010

The first BISS ACAMIS Model United Nations will be hosted at BISS Pudong on Saturday, 27 February 2010.

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1 Resolution on Wed Feb 03, 2010 3:56 pm

1. Acknowledging gasoline is more widely used in the world especially in the U.S.A, 44% of the world’s oil consumption,
2. Aware that biodiesel production in the year 2006, the, total world biodiesel production was about 5-6 million tonnes, with 4.9 million tonnes processed in Europe (of which 2.7 million tonnes was from Germany),
3. Currently the biodiesel fuel is more expensive than gasoline; biodiesel fuel is $3.38 while gasoline is $0.76,
4. Concerned that leading polluters like China, U.S.A and Mexico are among the worlds 35 countries that already use the most wind power but still do not produce enough - the U.S.A in 2009 could only produce 35,159MW, China could only produce 22,500MW, furthermore if all the electricity generated by alternative energy sources in the U.S. were added together they would still only amount to 9.1% of the nation’s total production,
5. Pointing out that member states would use alternative energies more if they were as efficient as fossil fuels, for example in Estonia biomass energy in 2004 could only produce 30 GWH and wind turbines produced about 60GWH each year, which means that there is a real need for technological advances in regards to the efficiency of alternative energy.
6. Aware that, many families desire to have their own car(s), which means more pollution will be produced.
7. In 1998, there were about 30,000 people killed each year because of car pollution in the U.S,
Operative clause
1. Recommends governments of developed nations to reduce or eliminate tax on biodiesel fuel much cheaper and increase tax on petrol;
2. Suggests U.N.E.P provides grants for developed and rapidly developing member states that expand the use of wind turbines around their country;
3. Approves individual member states to create an umbrella organization of people, researching and developing the use of alternative energy, making the alternative energy sources more technologically advanced;
4. Encourages member states to set laws of the number of days people or families can drive, if they do drive they would have to pay fin when they get on the road. In this sense, the nation would have to technologically advance its public transportation by making them run on alternative energy like biodiesel buses and taxis;
5. Endorses the idea of subsidized biodiesel cars being made available in developed countries like China and the U.S.A s for families that commit to using biodiesel in their cars, in developing nations these subsidized cars could be funded by loans from the World Bank;
6. Accepts making electricity prices cheaper for farmers who use wind turbines for electricity supply in India, China and the U.S.A;
7. Recommends that the U.S.A, China and Russia making a commitment to build at leas 10 wind farms like the Roscoe Wind Farm which has more than 600 wind turbines.

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2 Well Done! on Sat Feb 06, 2010 9:31 pm

I would like you applaud the delegate of Estonia on the drafting of the resolution. Well Done!

Here are some of my suggestions on how you can improve on your resolution:

You always need to start with a verb phrase, most of your resolution does except for some of your preamble clauses (see 3 and 7). And for Operative clause 3 and 6, accepting and approving appears to be weak words. We want to act and/or encourage in this forum, not simply accepting what has been done or is being done.

In operative clause 4, you put a period and start a new sentence. That is not allowed. A resolution is basically a really really long sentence. You might want to introduce subclauses to better phrase and clarify your ideas.

Some of your clauses need to be more specific, in the sense that you have to address how to do, who exactly would carry out the action, etc. And asking a specific law to be set in one clause would seem to encroach on national sovereignty. A perhaps better way to phrase would be: Suggesting MEDCs to considering establishing national policies that would help discourage the usage of fossil fuel such as: ... and list them in sub-clauses.

Hope you found the advice useful. I'll leave it to you delegates to discuss the ideas presented in this resolutions. We might not have time for merging of resolutions, so perhaps come with amendments.

Very Happy

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